Engineering Manager at Emme


Emme is looking for a highly motivated, growth-minded engineering manager to join our mission of putting women’s health in women’s hands. We value your experience growing and managing a team to develop our innovative health solutions, including our app, website, and connected hardware. We look forward to partnering in the early stages of the company as we imagine and build the next wave of women’s healthcare products. This senior position will involve managing a team of software developers along with interfacing directly with the other parts of the company. There will be a high degree of both freedom and responsibility as we all problem-solve together to create empowering solutions.

Company Overview:

We are a group of ambitious engineers, passionate feminists, and fierce advocates, working together to make healthcare what it should be for millions of women—seamless, connected, and decided by her. At Emme, we combine our strengths to create physical, digital and direct-to-consumer experiences that close the loop on women’s health.

At Emme, we are proud to foster a workplace free from discrimination. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background is critical for creating a positive environment for all employees and leads to stronger outcomes and better products for our customers.

The Job:

  • Help grow and manage a team of engineers who are responsible for the full stack of our product, ranging from firmware to app to website to backend to analytics.
  • Foster a culture of support and growth.
  • Provide technical insight and guidance on projects and help to create project plans, technical requirement docs, and schedules.
  • Spend a portion of your time working directly on critical path projects.
  • Work to create partnerships with external vendors to improve our products and speed up our development.
  • Work with other parts of the company (such as marketing or UI/UX) to help manage project resources, priorities, and scheduling.
  • Encourage documentation and communication within the team while also giving people time and space to complete projects in a focused manner.
  • Help to build secure systems that will guarantee our user’s privacy.
  • Continuously learn and evaluate new technologies.
  • Create and nurture a culture of high performance, continuous improvement, and ongoing individual, team, and company growth.
  • Positively contribute to company culture by bringing a dynamic, adaptive, energetic personality, and be ready to change the world in a high paced startup environment.
  • Passionate about creating a better future for women’s health with a deep care for customers and a commitment to having a strong, positive impact on their lives.

Required Experience:

  • 5+ years of software development experience.
  • 2+ years of management experience.
  • B. Sc. in computer science or equivalent.
  • Deep expertise in Javascript.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience with agile development and ability to create realistic project schedules that improve in accuracy over time as the team gains experience working together.
  • Experience with building apps and/or websites using React, React Native, and Redux.
  • Experience with backend services such as Google Firebase, Cloud Functions, and node.js.
  • Experience with privacy-focused apps, websites, and services.
  • Experience with BLE and connected hardware (nice to have).
  • Experience with Android and iOS and with the particularities of developing for both (nice to have).
  • Well organized and self-motivated.
  • Embraces ambiguity, prioritizes efficiently, communicates early, and ultimately gets-it-done.
  • Quick learner who works well independently but also seeks a collaborative approach to problem-solving.
  • Ability to seek and give well-intentioned, real-time feedback with a constructive mindset in order for us all to improve.